Bombay Diary 9th July

London Diary 9th July – Financial Chronicle

London Diary / July 9, 2016 July in England means the sun occasionally coming out of purdah, locals walking about in flimsy tee shirts while we jettison our overcoats for pullovers. It means children tugging their parents to ice cream vans, flowers in vivid colours everywhere. . . July in England also means Wimbledon. As […]

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Indian Express 8th July

Indian Express What is Brexit about? Is it about Britain leaving the European Union? Is it about the disruption this has caused in the world economy? Is it about hyper-nationalism and the fear of immigrants in general and Islam in particular? It is, of course, all this, but Brexit is primarily about too much democracy. […]

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Bombay Diary 1st July

Bombay Diary 1st July – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary July 1, 2016 If you go past Mumbai`s Brabourne Stadium, you will see a sign telling you that the offices of BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India) lie in the vicinity. It`s a decrepit board (though the Board is anything but), and scarcely does credit to the richest cricket body in […]

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Bombay Dirary 24th June

Bombay Diary 24th June – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary 24th June 2016 Many years ago, a British literary magazine held a contest for the most boring headline. The winner went something like this: SMALL EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE/ NOT MANY INJURED. What would be a boring headline for Mumbai? FIRST RAINS OF MONSOON/ RAIL SERVICES NORMAL. It`s a boring headline Mumbaikars pray for […]

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Bombay Dirary 17th June

Bombay Diary 17th June – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary 17th June 2016 India must be the most movie-crazy, star-obsessed country in the world. Yet, how many books are there on Bollywood heroes and heroine? Very, very few. One of the reasons could well be ‘Access’: cinema correspondents of newspapers or editors of film magazines cultivate movie stars, and in turn, the stars […]

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Featured post new


Literature Live, in association with Theatre Group, calls for entries for playwriting for the Sultan Padamsee Award for Playwriting 2016, to recognize upcoming talent in the same field. For more details, write to .

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How to tata litlive

How To Attend TATA Literature Live! 2015

Here is everything you need to know about attending Mumbai’s largest literature festival.   Passes to the festival are available from the morning of the day of the session. Register and collect your passes for the events taking place on that day. A day pass entitles you to access to multiple sessions across nearby venues. […]

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TATA Literature Live 2015: Workshop Registrations

Head over to our schedule and pick your literary workshop of choice! Register now as limited seats are available.  

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Litlive + Kaliedoscope Stitch 3

TATA LitLive2015 + Kaleidoscope : A Stitch In Rhyme 3rd Place Winner

BY MEGHA SOLANKI SOUND OK HORAN   Do you know that sound? The rumbling monster taking over. Mystical it looks,
Monstrous it feels; There’s power in its body,
Force in its thrusts; You feel like ignoring it Still you do anything but. It screams of pride And shows off its arrogance, With vague tattoos spread out It […]

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Litlive + Kaliedoscope Stitch 2

TATA LitLive2015 + Kaleidoscope : A Stich In Rhyme 2nd Place Winner

BY PRAKRITI VASHISHTHA LIQID TEA AVAILABLE HERE   Tea, for Dadi is milky but without the cream Dadi’s son, however, relishes the aftertaste of cardamom. Dadi’s better half, would deride the drink to be the Englishman’s concept. Tea, for him, was a coloniser.
Dadi calls it, his hypocrisy. Well, that of a Brahmin. Today,
Dadi’s grand daughter […]

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Litlive + Kaliedoscope Stitch 1

TATA LitLive2015 + Kaleidoscope : A Stich In Rhyme 1st Place Winner

BY KAAJAL AHUJA Thank You for the Inconvenience   I walked through a garden far somewhere A canvas painted in the month of May But the painting brought me no delight And each step that I took, took me nowhere. The lush green smell of Earth filled the breath I look When I saw the […]

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