TATA Literature Live! Business Book Award

**UPDATE : The Tata Literature Live! Business Book of the Year, that celebrates business writing in India, was won by Anil K Gupta for Grassroots Innovation: Minds on the Margin Are Not Marginal Minds. In his seminal work, Gupta argues that the answer to the intractable problems of the world need not be found in expensive research labs but instead in innovation by ordinary people.**

The Tata Literature Live! Business Book of the Year Award recognises the best business writing in the Indian literary space.

The original longlist of nominees, in alphabetical order, is below:

  • Advice and Dissent: My Life in Public Service  by Y V Reddy (HarperCollins)
  • Boom Country? The New Wave of Indian Enterprise by Alan Rosling (Hachette)
  • Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts: A Story of the Indian Stock Market by Santosh Nair (Pan Macmillan)
  • Crooked Minds: Creating an Innovative Society by Kiran Karnik (Rupa)
  • Dialogue of the Deaf: The Government and the RBI by T C A Srinivasa Raghavan (Westland)
  • Failing to Succeed: The Story of India’s First E-commerce Company by K Vaitheeswaran (Rupa)